ICG experts' advantages
International and national opinion
Bringing international and national opinion diversity to the board of directors strengthening its role as a strategic think-tank, enhancing organization's competitive performance and raising its stock market value.
Concentration on corporate strategy implementation (functional, financial, IT, HR, etc,), including strategic international business development initiatives, cost-reduction and performance improvement solutions.
Unbiased view
Unbiased view not affected by top-management and shareholders.
New ideas
New ideas on performance enhancement, risk-management and new cross-border opportunities.
Global value chain building
Vast international multiple industries and banking executive experience. Combination of business, legal, financial, economic, consulting, risk-management, innovations and academic background.
Easy explanation
Short, simple and clear presentation of ideas and deliverables.
What makes us special
1. All solutions offered by ICG's experts are unique as they are strictly customer-tailored and developed on a case-by-case basis to meet the exclusive interests of a certain bank/company (not its top-managers or shareholders) in due time and place. That's why these solutions cannot be used in another bank/company without considerable changes.

2. ICG does not have plans for global expansion, each of its experts cannot be a non-executive director in more than 5 banks and/or companies located on different continents.

3. No lobbying or dummy director functions. ICG's basic principle is ensuring value for money. Non-executive directors representing ICG are able to ask hard questions challenging the company's top-management, and are not afraid of offering constructive dissent or finding joint solutions. Our representatives can be discharged of their duties by the shareholders at any time if their contribution to the BoD activities has proved to be ineffective.

4. We adopt most effective strategic management and business solutions, as well as improvement ideas collected throughout the world to the concrete national and corporate standards. If there's no solution to the problem the BoD tries to deal with, ICG is ready to find new opportunities instead.

5. Our reputation of independent professionals is more important to us than out of hand vested interests. Our opinion is exclusively based on facts, our knowledge and expertise obtained through advising the BoDs in various countries of the world. We have always thought that we should better tell the BoD the truth about the company performance whatever hard it may seem than conceal it following the wish of some shareholders or top-managers. We take full responsibility for our recommendations but it's the BoD's choice whether to vote for them or just take into consideration.

6. Our solutions and recommendations are well defined, clear, time and resources commensurate, pragmatic and bringing the best possible results.

7. We are absolutely free in our deliberations and enjoy what we are doing.
ICG constraints
ICG experts do not accept any form of bribery or undue influence Our international and local advisers are cosmopolites by nature and adhere to the principles of global citizenship remaining fully law-abiding citizens of their states and of the countries where they work as non-executive directors or consultants. Thus they should be fairly treated by the Customer regardless of nationality or ethnicity, age, education, skin colour, gender, religion, sexual orientation. No phobias in relations between the Customer and ICG are allowed.
ICG stays out of politics, recognizing it and taking it in consideration while making its strategic business recommendations, but no political involvement for ICG representatives or using ICG experts for political purposes are allowed.
ICG has no interest in defense or public security issues. During the course of the engagement, certain confidential commercial information may be disclosed by or on behalf of the Customer to the non-executive director/consultant representing ICG, either in written or orally. This information shall be treated by ICG representative as confidential in accordance with the non-disclosure agreement and other internal corporate rules of the Customer.
ICG does not engage in lobbying in any country of the world.
ICG experts work on the basis of regular consulting services or independent contractor agreements concluded with them as individuals.

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