Strategy implementation, business development and performance improvement projects
A foreign non-executive director or a strategic consulting services to the board of directors/non-executive director (independent director/strategy implementation consultant) in charge of international business development, strategy and management innovations in diversified and integrated multiple business units, banks and companies. Offering second (supporting or revised) opinion on vital issues of business and business development of diversified and integrated multiple business units' companies and banks bringing national diversity, international expertise and new business development and other strategic solutions to the BoD.
In fact, second opinion is an independent executive summary of optimal potential solutions to the most difficult problems facing the company's or a bank's business. Implementation of these management decisions may bring the company considerable positive changes in terms of profit, cost-reduction and long-term market leadership.
"True independence – meaning the willingness to challenge a forceful CEO when something is wrong or foolish – is an enormously valuable trait in director. It is also rare"

Warren Buffet
American business magnate
Strategic initiatives' projects
  • Some samples of strategic initiatives expressed in our second opinion and later implemented by ICG experts via BoDs of different banks and companies in various countries:
  • M&A within the framework of a multibillion gas-to-power and telecom projects in Central Europe, petrochemical plants, gas transmission system, trade and call-centers acquisition in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • IPO of a multiple business units company in Hong-Kong.
  • IT strategy and CRM system implementation in a large international multiple business units oil and gas company.
  • Gas for industrial assets shares in Europe and Asia deal.
  • Acquiring high-tech company in Russia by Hong-Kong investors.
  • Setting up daughter banks in the Balkan states.
  • European market entry strategy for an international finance group.
  • Anticrisis policy for an international banking holding.
  • Corporate Strategy, IT Strategy, Corporate Governance Code, Code of Corporate Ethics, Innovations, Remuneration, Strategic Planning, Anticorruption, HR, Cost-Reduction, Conflict Resolution and Dividend Policies, as well as Records Keeping, Internal Audit and Control, Budgeting, Board of Directors and Management Board Rules, Internal Control and Audit, Remuneration Regulations for an international banking group.
  • Independent audit of strategic projects implemented by international consultants for a Bank.
  • Building an internal audit system to monitor commercial activities of subsidiary and affiliated companies located in various countries for a bank and an oil and gas company.
  • An international banking group lending policy.
  • CEO's Executive Office Regulations.
  • Top-managers' Remuneration Policy based on KPIs related to subsidiary and affiliated companies' performance.
  • Creating an in-house consulting unit within an international bank for assisting cross-border customers to improve their performance and borrower's status.
  • Agile system of on-line monitoring and forecast management report correction based on integrated corporate platform uniting subsidiary and affiliated companies located in various countries.
  • Finding strategic foreign investors for a network of hotels in European countries.
Cost of services
The cost of foreign non-executive directors' services and certain taxation issues are regulated by regular consulting services or independent contractor agreements concluded with ICG experts as individuals basing on corporate rules in each country. We offer certain promotion discounts:
10% discount
to the owner of business
10% fee
to the intermediary who directly contributed to signing a consulting services/independent contractor agreement
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